Read what some of our course participants are saying about our programmes.

Anger Management Programme

Going on the positive changes anger management programme has been one of the best things I have ever done. I learnt that the reason we act the way we do is due to behaviour we have seen growing up as children. Being 17 years of age I can see how this will most definitely help me in the future. I have learnt my trigger signs of anger and I have been given the tools from this course to stop me from escalating out of control. This course has taught me more about myself than I was ever aware of before hand and now I can look forward to my positive future ahead of me because of the changes I have made due to the programme. I will take from this course the knowledge of how strong foundations in a home environment will ensure stability and positive growth. I would highly recommend this course to anyone because speaking from experience you don’t know until you try. This course can change your life, like it changed mine in a positive way.    C.S


Anger Management group session - Feb-May 12 weeks 2019

this course and the delivery of t has been greatly beneficial for me.  I feel alot more confident to be able to make better decisions in the future.  When it comes to controlling my myself, and not reacting negativity to aggression and anger from other people.  I have a lot more self awareness and now realize the parts iv'e played in my conflict.  TN

Above & beyond my expectations definitely worth the leap to ask for help and complete the programme.         N.W

Great course very helpful information given out great discussion within the group, got alot from it     J.C

I stumbles across this program online, I am so glad that I did!  I have more than halved my outbursts and manage to communicate more effectively in times of unavoidable conflict.  My partner and I are much more happier, less snippy and are enjoying a more loving family/home environment.   KLB

One on one's finish March

I have completed the PCP programme.  When I first came onto the programme I was weary and very unsure.  During my journey I have not only learnt alot but I have also realized that the more you open up and seek help and advice, the further it will take you!  I don't not at all recommend any changes etc for this programme, I loved working with Belinda, shes very strait forward, has a beautiful heart, understanding and caring, she has a passion to help people and I would recommend Positive changes to anyone looking for help.  Thank you so much you are absolutely amazing     R.C

Belinda was friendly and respectful in her manner and overall approach, also very accommodating/flexible to the individual needs of my son.  The course content was well developed and effective at informing and empowering positive changes in our lives.  Aroha Nu, thank you so much, we really needed this help.   S.S.   12yrs old

Group Sept - Dec  2019

It was so worth the 12 weeks agony! Belinda is a very kind respectful and straight forward facilitator.  I have learnt so much in this programme that I now try to use to the best of my abilities everyday.  thank you for taking the time to come to us.  I mostly loved assertive communication which I work on everyday.  K.W

I loved this programme and the tutor, I really looked forward to Mondays shes a roar, I liked learning mostly how to talk to people nicer how to communicate without sounding angry, and I liked just coming and talking things through that helps to         U.H

I really thought the programme was very well worth it, it made me more mindful of what we went over.  I would recommend it to other people that will do it    V.B



November - December 2020 One on One's

Working with Belinda has really effected the way I am towards my family, her advise on things have been invaluable.  She has made me change and make me feel happy, her vibes are very positive and I enjoyed working with her, she really helped me change in ways I thought I couldn't, shes helped me emotionally and brain wise.  W.T.W

Easy to keep my anger in and control it now!  I enjoyed course and learnt alot.  Belinda explained to me so I could understand and I learnt alot about Family Violence.   N.D.

This really has given us a chance to realise, some of the thing I might have noticed in the past.  Very good place to be in generally.  Thank you for putting up with us.  R.W.

I have had a good time being here.  I've liked how she managers the programme and its not hard to do very easy but it really does help.  The environment is amazing the activities are simple listen properly and you'll understand more how to manage a happier, positive change. T.T.

I enjoyed the program, I learnt how to walk away during arguments or bad times.  It helped me learn how to keep calm when other people are testing me.  I can now walk away without yelling or hurting anyone.  M.S

Life-changing- I never thought I"d be able to control my temper at my kids, but now maybe I think I can.  Highly recommend it!, for frustrated mothers everywhere.   T.M

Great programme, very positive facilitator and doesn't take too much time out of our weeks so absolutely achievable. J.P.

I've really enjoyed and learnt alot not only about anger and how to manage it, but learnt alot about myself.  I would do it all again if I can.  I look forward to my positive change programme every Monday's.  Loved it!    D.D.

After being on the one on one's sessions I have learnt how to manage my behavior better.  Learnt to recognise why I am getting angry.  Also how to balance life and work, and prioritising things.   M.F

One on one's finish October 2020

I think Belinda makes the programme she is easy to relate to, delivery is excellent.  I enjoyed 1 on 1's.  I travelled from Morrinsville and after the 1st session enjoyed coming weekly.  My attendance was excellent so it shows I enjoyed it!  My understanding of controlling my anger has improved significantly.     S.T.T

Very easy to interact with Belinda  easy to talk to, it helped me to control my anger.  I liked learning about assertive communication.  I was committed to attending and didn't miss one session.

I enjoyed the participation and it helped me to understand that I am not a bad person.  Good results for me attending!    C.L


Group July - September 2020

The programme has really helped me!

When first attending the programme I was very passive and had no confidence in myself, I really have changed my way of thinking and doing things got me back to the basics and doing the things I love.  Belinda thank you so much from the bottom of my heart, I'm so grateful.  E.J

I really found that the teacher Belinda has given me tools and life skills that I will use in my every day life and to be held accountable for my actions from right to wrong, my abuse is not exceptable , being honest and admitting you have a problem is your first step to recovery!    M.W

Since starting the course I have found lots of tools to help me keep myself from getting angry, Belinda has been a great teacher and she has given me the tools to use and keep myself from getting angry. I have rally enjoyed my time and the change it had made me a better person and helped me put life into prospective, its been great!    J.C

Sept - One On One's  Youth

I like the tutor, Learning how to control my anger better, be a better boyfriend, I like assertive communication and I like everything about the programme, I also liked the coke we got.      D.M

I liked the tutor, it helped me control my anger, it helped me crawl out of my shell, I liked assertive communication better than what I thought it was gonna be, it helped me smile more.   M.W.

August 2020 1 on 1

I liked how I was actually learning how to control my anger., so I could change.  I also liked working with Belinda because she was teaching me how I could be a better person.   P.E

I enjoyed the programme.  I found it really helpful, I liked the technique - Abc, Assertive communication the best.  I liked 1 on 1's with Belinda and she was good at facilitating it.  It has helped me to control my anger with my girlfriend.   A.C

Feb-June Group (mens) 2020

Coming into the course I was very impartial, an assault charge in 2018 had lead me to finding this course and attending.  Every bone in my body was against it, as I felt strong that this was not what I needed.  As the course progressed and I came to understand what it was all about, my feelings changed drastically!  12 weeks later (with a break during covid) I have met,conversed, and understood life from several different - very real people.  I am confident to say I have gained a very invaluable experience here and will never forget the lessons learnt.  Belinda has been fantastic through out and has never hesitated in giving advice, support and knowledge on the situations that lead me to the programme.  It was an incredibly positive journey.  J.E

An excellent supportive and encouraging programme and group.  Very proactive and specific material to anger.   K.S

One on One's - Youth,Men Woman,

Pcp is a good course to learn how to control your anger and learn how to be a confident person at communicating,  I do recommend other people to attend this course if they have anger management problems and Belinda was a awesome tutor and I have learnt alot from her.  K.McL

It was good and helpful, I liked working with Belinda shes awesome! It suited me doing the one on ones, the techniques I liked were Stop,Abc, Compliment sandwich, Assertive communication, 8 step problem solving process, Bda        J.K

I have enjoyed the programme it was helpful, I learnt a lot about controlling my anger, and relationships what is good and bad.  I liked the Te Whare Tapa Wha and assertive communication.  I liked working with Belinda doing one on ones.   K.R

Completed July 2020 one on one

'LIFE CHANGING' -   My family have seen a better person, father,husband friend from attending this course.  My time with my kids is providing more fun and laughter together.  J.R

It was really good, liked the course and felt like I have learnt some skills of anger, I learnt different strategies in anger like-being assertive,ABC,Te whare tapa wha, and 8 step problem solving.  Felt like I have learnt new things like how to manage my anger, and better communication/assertive.  Thank you Belinda  H.S

Learnt how to manage my anger better communication with people being assertive rather than passive!  In my communication being strong, I was able to be honest and speak up.  I liked the strategies ABC,Bda, I liked Belinda's facilitation style it was fantastic.    N.M



The way I found anger management programme it helped me get out of the house, made me understand how to make better decisions.  It taught me more about emotion its a comfortable place you feel like you ain't being judged or like anyway like a off vibe, good information helpful information, free coke and support and most important someone who understands and listen.   T.D.

I found the programme really helpful and I enjoyed it heaps.  I learnt loads of ways to help control my thoughts and anger.  S S T

The programme has helped me, I don't feel as angry as what I was last year.  I have learnt to 'Mind my own business'.  I enjoyed working with Belinda.  I liked 1 on 1's.  L.T.K

My time through out these couple of months I have learnt to control and also be aware of my triggers in anger.  Belinda has helped me identify my personal beliefs, my triggers of anger and also to be assertive.  She has helped me change my ways and be more respectful.  N.W.T

I found the programme helpful to manage my anger, I learnt strategies to calm me down, I've also learnt to be more thoughtful and responsible for my own actions and I genuinely think this programme has made me a better person and i am looking forward to doing follow up meets with Belinda   C.C

Programme was pretty good, it helped me with my anger, I haven't been getting angry lately, and I can deal with my anger better if I do get angry.I don't listed to their bullshit anymore. L.P

I found this course through being in trouble with the police and finding it difficult to control my anger.  It has helped me coming here, it has keeped me out of trouble as I have the tools to help control myself.  During my time here I have not been in trouble with police again or been in any fights.  T.W

I learnt what my triggers are, good programme, I have learnt how to control my anger, I like the Te Whare Tapa Wha, and assertive communication    J.M.R

It was a mint programme, I learnt Te whare tapa wha, assertive communication, I liked working with Belinda.  Its helped me to calm down at school and focus on myself not others.  M.W

Group: Adults: Started Feb- Completed May 2021

I came to Pcp with some major anger issues, that throughout the course I have gathered the tools to help me deal with situations - triggers.  The course is so much more than dealing with anger in which it has helped enlighten  me.  My perspective towards so much more of my though process.  I would definitely recommend this course to anyone and wish for the day when this is taught to us all at a school level.  Thanks from me and my children.  A.D

Learnt 3 new straggles that I can us in everyday life., all round the course was good, only thing I found annoying was when people would ramble on a bit.  Thought Belinda did a great job at presenting the course.  S.H

It works if you work on it! So work on it because you and your whanau are worth the change.   J.

The first class I attended I was feeling discouraged and not confident, by the end of my first class was finished I felt hopeful and eager to learn more.  I had such a awesome group to learn with and a awesome tutor that stuck by me through the whole process.  I would highly recommend this course to anyone that want to learn about positive changes for them and their family.  I can walk away from the course with a kete full of knowledge that I can use for a lifetime! I am very grateful!!  K.C

Through the programme I have learnt tools to help with my temper, But more importantly I have thought the programme worked out the cause of my issues.  S.

I have found the Pcp anger management programme to be worth while experience.  The strategies taught throughout the programme can help in all aspects of life including personal and professional environment.  This course is delivered with respect and in a very supportive environment.
Each week I have left the course feeling positive and self -assured with the new skills I have gained.  I have learnt so much about myself, including knowing how what I believe can impact my thought pattern in a positive or negative way.  These life skills strategies should be taught where possible as they could support and empower SO  many people in a positive way.  Thank you, I have learnt so many things that will impact my life moving forward in an optimistic way and with more confidence in handling the difficult situations.  NR


This programme was very good and has changed my outlook on life alot and I highly recommend it.  I liked the techniques Te Whare Tapa Wha. I liked working with Belinda  J.K  youth

Course was pretty cool, I liked that I got along with Belinda.  It's been helpful, Wise Mind session was my favorite.  I hope now I can go back to school, I will look to keep out of trouble   R.V  youth

I new I had to attend the programme, I had a anger issue I was that crazy lady!  It has been better than I thought, I loved working with Belinda.  My favorite strategy is assertive communication/Te Whare Tapa Wha. HIGHTLY RECOMMEND IT!!!  N.N  youth


I like doing the Te Whare Tapa Wha house, my smart goals that I like to complete.  I liked doing all of the anger management/life skills.  I enjoyed all the goals that I set.  Now I need to use my new skills      A.V.  youth

I found the course quiet helpful to manage how to cope with alot of drama in the now and the past.  What I found useful: Learning about Positive thinking, also practicing being assertive   D.H.  youth


I thought the programme was gonna be boring, but it was better than I thought it was gonna be! I learned about what things make me angry and some things I can do to stop my anger from getting out of control.  If my bros get angry I can send them to Pcp or Denna.   H.G  youth


I've really enjoyed the programe, I found it helpful and engaging and I feel as this course has helped me for the better and I'm really glad that I ended up here.  Now I  definitely no my triggers and now sometimes its better to just walk away then cause more problems not only for myself, but for others.        B.W.K  youth

Learnt to always talk to people when needed, it was fun and I liked it, great help, ABC strategy was my favorite and I liked working with Belinda.    C.S  youth

I found the programme okay and I have learnt to manage my anger by using assertive communication.  I would recommend to others youth.    L.C   youth


I have enjoyed the programme, the session on Assertive communication was hugely beneficial.  Belinda was super supportive and the course was way better than expected.  From here I will be able to create a positive change and work on those triggers that let anger in.  C.S.   youth

I loved the one on one sessions with Belinda.  I have learnt so much my best session was Te Whare tapa Wha.  Thank you heaps   N.A   Adult

I really enjoyed my 8 sessions at the Positive Change Programmes, and working with Belinda I've learnt to identify my triggers and tools to cope with them.  I didn't expect this to be as good as what it is and ive really loved working with Belinda.  My favorite one of of all of them was probably Te Whare Tapa Wha.   W.W  Youth


I think this course has helped me because I feel less angry about situations then I used to, I now have strategies to help with that. I feel like this program helped me alot more than I thought it would.    M.S  Youth

June - September Group Programme

I've learnt so much being apart of this programme, and have applied alot of what I have learned to my life when finding myself in situations that trigger anger within me, and also identifying the signs in people around me.  I have to acknowledge that I enjoyed every single session on this programme, and the facilitator Belinda is amazing.    K.M.

When you have a good facilitator who is like our one then you would enjoy the programme.  It is an awesome programme to participate in the group was small and more times with problem solving situations....Would recommend this to anybody....all the sessions were helpful as well    D.P

Belinda's course was fantastic if you are ready to learn!  It was amazing for me and I now know what sparks my anger and what I can do toi react differently.  I wish I had found this group years ago!    G.S

This programme helps you learn about yourself because you can identify "your anger" and how to deal with it.  Your anger is a part of you and this programme helps you learn about that part of you.  thank you Belinda for helping me learn about a part of me that I can now confidently control   T.K   adult

I liked the session when I went home and controlled myself with my sister and I also liked working with Denna at the programme also liked coming to the programme.     D.R. youth

I found this programme really helpful it taught me things like how to control my anger and when I need to control my anger and what I need to do when I get frustrated. I recommend this programme to anyone that is looking to change their ways to have a better future.  My best strategies would be the Stopp,  Bda, Abc and Te whare tapa wha.  Belinda is good to work with and I enjoyed working with her.   R.F. youth

Good program, could relate to the tutor good and excellent communication.  She understood where I was coming from and helped me with tools to deal with anger and life problems.  C.J  adult

The A.M. programme, I have attended gave me the techniques about how to manage my anger and showed me how to recognize my anger.   S.P  adult

It was perfect for me! and I have learnt a lot, it has helped me and my whanau.  My favorite sessions were Te whare tapa wha and wise mind     M.W.   adult

Good to help you pull your head out of your arse!  sometimes you'll get stuck in your head, emotions might be controlling your behaviour and sharing in your head too far.  Belinda's course can help you pull your head out of the negative space its in    D.S   adult

PCP has helped me to identify my Strength's & Weaknesses, triggers and stresses, and has taught me how to manage my emotions and feelings of anger and frustration in a way that is safe for me and those around me.  Since attending the course I feel in control of my behaviours and have a better understanding of why I behave that way.  working with Belinda has been awesome because she is 'straight up the guts"' and gets to the root of the issues.  I really enjoyed building a relationship with Belinda and felt that I could be completely honest with her because of the trust we'd built over the 9 weeks.  The anger management programme has changes my outlook on Life and I am experiencing so many positive changes because of it!   E.T.   adult

Really enjoyed this Positive changes programme, very interesting helped identify problems I had, great facilitation, thanks so much.  E.A  Adult

Its been amazing, been taught strategies to understand myself.  Realising about myself and my beliefs and how my mind works, In the past I felt stressed & holding onto my emotions, but now I feel relief.  Hearing about - Assertive communication, power & control, its been amazing.  P H  Adult (deaf) signed interpreter present.


Group Feb-May 2022

I really enjoyed the sessions.  It was way more interactive than I thought it would be and very welcoming and warm environment!  My two favorite strategies I learnt were Assertive communication and Te whare Tapa Wha.  I would recommend this programme to other.   D.H

ALOT more in-depth and hands on and challenging than I expected.  Amazing course to de even if you don't consider yourself a very angry person as it teaches so many different aspects of anger and how influential it can be in your life.  The  ''facilitator' doesn't take any bull shit so it makes the programme a lot more interesting and fun     A.W

It was very good for me to come here for attending this programme.  It was very interesting and positivity thing for me.  Belinda is very good and kind in all of the things.  It I want to recommend somebody definitely I will give Belinda's name.   M.S

I was un-sure about this programe, the first sessions I was overwhelmed with crying emotions and was able to open up about myself and how I am and what I want to be for myself and kids. Father of 4 boys, this programe did not allow us/me to hide.  Having us to own up to the things detailed in the program.  I am thankful for this opportunity and I am not in denial of my attitude/anger-ness if in dought you probably need this program.  R.B

July 2022 - one on ones Testimonials   Adult/Youth

This program was amazing, better then I thought it would be, it has helped me become a better version of myself and has changed my life for the better.  Didn't just help me but my family and friends. Belinda was the most amazing person to work with, she cares and helped me finish this program, without her I wouldn't be where I am right now.    A.R.  youth

A program that was 100% enjoyable and very helpful.  Gained alot of knowledge on how to stop the cycle of abuse and how to handle anger.  Have made magnificent change and acknowledge the Te Whare Tap Wha alot more to keep myself in check.    C.M  Adult

August - September 2022- one on ones

The course has been great, Belinda has helped me think of different ways of dealing with situations and different mind set when dealing with hard situations, Belinda has adapted the course to suit my personable requirements.  Thanks  B.S  Adult

The way its presented is direct and practical, easy to understand the approach from Belinda (facilitator) was brilliant!  solutions are found in the programme simplicity - variety of solutions to what fits each individual.  Favorite strategy: Stopp, assertive communication.  The insight I have gained, its opened my mind, excitement and simulation takes me back years, its been really cool to have been able to complete it!  Really enjoyed the 1 on 1 sessions.  D.B.J  Adult

It has helped me to understand the management of anger and how to deal with issues that arise from anger issues.  That Belinda herself is a person with a new light and showed me that there is more to life than being angry to others and it has being helpful to myself to take this new knowledge and more for me to help me with my family and social life.  L.W  Adult

I enjoyed the programme, very educational, reaffirming stuff that I have lost over the years.  I liked Stopp strategy and enjoyed 1 on 1's, I enjoyed working with Belinda.  I would recommend to people to attend.   D.M  Adult

October one on one's 

I have enjoyed the programme, 1've learnt heaps.  I enjoyed working with Belinda, I would highly recommend the programme to other youth.  It teaches you about controlling your anger. J.R Yth


I found these sessions really wel,l I feel it has made me change my behavior and the way I act on them, I highly recommend coming here, and the sessions with Belinda are kept real!  J.S Youth


I found coming in and seeing Belinda was very good, lovely person, easy to get along with, fun times and good laughs.  Overall I have learnt heaps and would come back again    N.M  Adult