Read what some of our course participants are saying about our programmes.

Anger Management Programme

Going on the positive changes anger management programme has been one of the best things I have ever done. I learnt that the reason we act the way we do is due to behaviour we have seen growing up as children. Being 17 years of age I can see how this will most definitely help me in the future. I have learnt my trigger signs of anger and I have been given the tools from this course to stop me from escalating out of control. This course has taught me more about myself than I was ever aware of before hand and now I can look forward to my positive future ahead of me because of the changes I have made due to the programme. I will take from this course the knowledge of how strong foundations in a home environment will ensure stability and positive growth. I would highly recommend this course to anyone because speaking from experience you don’t know until you try. This course can change your life, like it changed mine in a positive way.    C.S


Group 1:

A good course well structured and incite-full facilitation.  I recommend this course to anyone that feels they have a problem with anger I only wish I could have done this years ago.  G.H.

Auntie Belinda (not my Auntie but that's what I called her)! is very neat and onto it, she's calm and collective and knows what she is talking about.  I would advise people to listen her.  The strategies have been good, I've used the compliments sandwich when I have been angry, or thought of getting angry, I liked assertive communication session - I'm Okay Your Okay, taking time out to think that lifting my fist is not ok anymore.  Highly recommend it!  L.B.

I found that this course has really helped me with dealing with my anger, I have been able to have more self control through the strategies I've learnt through this course, I highly recommend the course, good attitude, and a sense of your own anger and problems and the want to change is required for starting off.  Excellent facilitation/course.   C.H.

I have found this course to be very informative helped me to be a better person each session was rule of life.  The guys on the course were awesome and very friendly.  I fully recommend the course to people who want to make a positive change in their life.  The facilitator was non judgmental and was there for us to help us see the good in us.   K.A.

Group 2:

To be open and come to the anger management programme and know that they will help you though whatever you need with or struggle with has been awesome.  Belinda is a heartwarming lady, it helped me learn things I have never learned before, helps you to move on from an unhealthy relationship.   M.A.H

Best way to change your ways is to join an Anger Management programme, solve your problems learn how to be assertive not aggressive.  Change your lives and live to the fullest.  L.T

To be open about what happened in your violent relationship and learn the skills to deal with your own anger has helped me to move in a better place all thanks to the programme.  T.K

If you have been though Domestic Violence and have alot of anger, this is the best programme to begin with, you learn alot and ways to cope with different types of anger.  Always be assertive only you can change it.  shout out to Belinda coolest chicky out.  J.T

Conflict Resolution workshop August 2017

What I have learned from this workshop?  From participants:

#A Toolbox,                 # I have a voice, but that doesn't mean my voice should be above everyone else's,

#Positive to negative -Self Talk and general conversation,                              #Communication Styles: Passive, Assertive, Aggressive

#Self Love,                            #Assertive communication,               #When a situation is getting heated, now to walk away and stop dwelling on the past!

# It's OK to stand up for yourself as long as it doesn't put someone else down or victimize them.

It helped me to see other outcomes of expressing my moods and not always jumping to anger outlets.  I felt comfortable coming each week and always looked forward to coming.  The Abc, assertive communication,Bda,  Stopp, Compliment sandwich I liked.  It helped my relationship between people.  I stopped seeing life at such a threat and a bad thing, I started seeing more positives.  I recommend this course.     A.B


Without much warning my life was unraveled very fast.  P.C.P helped take the anger away for me and focus on the important issues in my life, my son and myself - instead of my relationship break up!  S.C


Previous D.V courses I didn't like or find effective.  I was a bit apprehensive of attending P.C.P.  I have learnt lots of effective ways to manage my anger.  I liked the strategies such as Stopp, assertive communication and Abc.  I found it a lot more effective with the one-on-ones sessions with Belinda and I enjoyed them  S.F


Learning the tools to use in every day life have been a must for me.  Opening up to fellow class members with similar situations has been great.  J.D


As always there is something in any course that serves your purpose.   This course opened up a couple of things that will be useful in dealing with frustrations.  P.N


Really enjoyed the course.  I have learnt alot of life skills that I will always use in work and social day to day events.  Belinda is a great person to work with because she walks the walk!  J.C

The Outcomes I have got from the workshop

Have got tools to deal with conflict - through the transforming power wheel  K.

Yes do things for myself and continue educating self, self care till all the negativity has gone. K

I can work more on my listening skills with my beautiful children and not put words into their mouths, and I am able to be aware of my body language. R

I have managed to attend this workshop and can continue to improve on my choices. R

Transforming Power Wheel is my outcome to work with, along with Self Care.  K

I have to make availability for my children, I want them to have a good education something I missed out on.  S

Transforming power wheel, I statements, Self Care are the outcomes I got.  S

I have more understanding of others, more transparency here adds to my tools.  J


Anger Management: March 2018 one-on-one's

I found the programme good, my favorite strategy was the Te Whare tapa Wha, I liked learning the new things about me.   W.F  13 yrs

I believe positive changes has helped me become the person I was before I became very angry over some personal issues I was going though.  It has given me the skills I need to help me deal with my anger I have and also avoid situations that will make me angry  in the future.  I would recommend this course to any one wanting change for themselves or for loved ones around them.    S.T



Anger Management one on one's:  Jan/Feb 2018

I had one-on-one sessions, it was very helpful for me., at first I didn't want to do the programme as I thought if couldn't help me, but i've turned out to really enjoy coming, it always brings my mood up and helped me to sort out some issues I had.  Thanks to Belinda, really love what you do for people.       M.M

This programme helps you to control your anger and learn how to deal with angry situations, i on i's suited my situation.  I have learned that where my anger comes from is my "Beliefs".  A.B

I Learnt alot.  I enjoyed 1 on 1's.  I didn't want to do it at the beginning but I recognised I had anger to deal with.  I enjoyed working with Belinda.  I gained lots of knowledge and enjoyed the Te Whare Tapa Wha model.    I.W.W

Helped me understand how situations were affecting me and how best to deal with these problems situations, so get the best out of the situation for all concerned.       R.B

Since attending the course I have developed strategies to manage my anger and use it for positive use.  Great programme, lots to learn, most of all great tutor.   N.B.


Anger Management group Feb - May 2018 12 weeks

Really enjoyed the course and meeting everyone involved in it.  Always felt really warmed and inviting and comforting.  My partner has noticed significant changes in my anger situation.  I would recommend course to anyone struggling with anger/confidence issues.   J.B

Excellent the best volunteer decision i ever made to attend a programme.  C H

Excellent course I have told people that it is the best course I have ever done.  B.B

This course was hugely life changing it exceeded my expectations.  The environment was so positive, encouraging and supportive to my learning for change.  J.K

I thought this programme was very effective for me.  It helped me identify my triggers and manage my temper.  My favorite strategies were Te Whare Tapa Wha and the BDA.  I really enjoyed working with the facilitator


Ladies Group Feb-May 2018

This course has taught me not to keep everything bottled up to snap at the wrong person, and not to be so passive with everything.  I have loved this programme and the facilitator is such an awesome lady and says how it is.  ST.

This course brought up a lot of stuff from the past that I hadn't dealt with, it was good to learn strategies to help cope with my anger/frustration G.S

I found the programme really good I learnt a lot from it.  I am now being more open to people and not letting them get to me  D.H

The Anger Management programme was a place I could talk openly about my past without being judged and I learnt valuable skills and tools to deal with my emotions in the future.  Great programme, great facilitator - hugely recommend it!   A.B

Belinda was amazing and handled the hard topics well.  The course was great and I learnt heaps and enjoyed the environment.  C.M


Anger Management testimonials from May to August 2018 Group

Bringing people together with similar life concerns helped me understand who I am.  In general, we all make mistakes in our journey of life, the goal is to accept who we are, learn from our mistakes, and ensure we have a way to manage better in the future.  Amazing programme, enlightening, great facilitator, keep us well together as a team, reaching for the goal.                  M.P


The 12 week anger management course at Pcp has made such a huge impact on my life, learning ways on how to manage my anger has made a massive difference in my work environment and my home life, I can't thank you guys enough.

The anger management has been a life-changing experience.  The programme has taught me so much about myself and in particular what I stand for and what I believe in.  I feel renewed with hope and look forward to a positive future.  Belinda is a powerful facilitator and I attribute my learnings and success from this course to her facilitation, knowledge and interpersonal skills.  I would recommend this to anyone looking for strategies, skills and guidance to manage life...  D.M

I believe this course should be taught as a basic lifeskill.  On this course I have learnt so many skills and also learnt about myself and I generally feel a lot happier and settled with myself.  I would recommend this course to anyone struggling with "Anger" emotion.  I thought I knew what Anger was, but this course has opened my eyes up to what Anger is?, where does it come from?, How do you know your angry?,How can you manage your anger?.  I can't thank Belinda and Te Paea enough for facilitating this course and helping me on my journey.

I thoroughly enjoyed the classes held by Belinda, she is honest, kind, positive & uplifting. From the moment I called her I knew this course would be a positive change in my life & it has been.  My relationship has never been better & I can now recognize & mange my anger alot better.  I would recommend this class to anyone needing to make change about their anger.   S.C

It's been great course with some great methods.  Highly recommend it!

I have been equipped with the necessary tools to be confident in myself that any anger I do experience from now on will be acted on in a way that wont have negative impacts on my husband and children, and my relationships with them.  I feel empowered as a result and know that the changes I am now capable of making have the potential to positively influence so many areas of my life.  I have learnt the importance of taking a holistic approach to anger management and for me personally valuing myself and allowing time for activities that bring enjoyment and fulfilemnt is an aspect of this holistic approach that I will continue to work on.  M.D




Group September-December 2019

The group was great made good mates the tutor was amazing.  I've learnt alot from my time here and skills that will help in the future. J.F

I'm very glad I did the group.  Belinda is very helpful for the teacher and was great with the reading and writing for me. C.H

I have really enjoyed doing the course. I have learnt some new skills to help me when dealing with p[people and my children,  Thanks Belinda you are a great facilitator.  S.R.W

I have really enjoyed positive change.  We have the best facilitator Belinda, you are da bomb!  Also the people in the group were awesome, and it was a pleasure getting to know them all.  I have learnt so much.  When I started this programme I was in a really bad place, during this programme I have learnt that people that bring you down don't matter. B.G


Group from June-August

This has been a worthy, excellent happy, fun and valuable 3 months.  I have learnt so much about myself, my anger and my relationship with the people in my life.  I am confident I have the skills to deal with the tough times and the good.  Awesome course, people and Belinda has been amazing.             J.E

Every person from all walk of life should take the time to complete this amazing practical course.  It really makes a difference    I.H

Nobody likes to admit when they are in the wrong, but taking the first step to ask for help is the best thing I could've done for myself and my family.  Reflecting over the past 12 weeks, I can truly say "I'm not the same person who walked through the doors on the first evening".  I have grown as an individual, I have learnt about myself and from others, I have been honest with myself, I have become the person I knew was there.  I can't wait to keep going on this journey.  B.A

On the day Belinda rang to interview me for the position in the class my life changed for the good.  I've spent my life solving issues with aggression and violence in order to control or solve the situation.  I currently have had the opportunity to exercise my new skills in a dangerous violent situation to which I found myself calm relaxed and in control of me, thus being able to keep my son safe to.  G.S

Before starting this course it was clear I had issues with my anger given the situation I was/am in.  Since attending Pcp, learning, practicing and understanding the value of the skills/tools, I had been taught.  I've definitely noticed a change in myself, but also my attitude, self worth and I'm much more motivated to achieve my goals.  B.W


Ladies group finish 19th August

I Liked this class, I got to be open and felt free to say whatever I liked.  It helped me to get some of my problems of my shoulders.  This class is really helpful.   S.A

This programme was very awesome and made me more confident on how to control my anger towards other people.  Thank you to everyone for making this happen for me.   H.M

the programme was awesome, I felt like I could understand the facilitator and presented this course well.    L.E

One on One"s - finish July

When I first started my anger management programme I was at the lowest point in my life.  Never did I believe a programme could change my life.  The first change was meeting Belinda and having someone believe in me, which also gave me belief in myself.  I felt like I was buried and this programme gave me the tools to dig deep and see all the good in me that I had buried over the years.  I am proud to say this has changed my life and give me the tools to keep making change, I am forever grateful and look forward to my future. Thank you!  G.W

One on Ones  finish December 2019

From attending this course I've learnt alot to do with anger an how to manage it.  I learnt 8 different types of ways to a better outcome in your current situation, being assertive, is when im ok and you are ok.  I liked the way Belinda presented every sessions, with care, confidentiality, clear mind and ready to teach, I like the thought of getting a coke every session.  When I heard I had to attend I didn't want to until after my first sessions because the way Belinda presented everything shocked me. W.M.H

One on one with Belinda has been so amazing for me to find out who I really am and who I need to become as a person, mother & friend.  H.S

My Dad found this programme for me and this has helped me out alot, this is one of my favorite courses.  C.H

This  programme has given me hope in resolving my conflict.  It has changed me in my Attitude because attitude is everything at 14yrs old!  I realise this now. I enjoyed 1 on 1 with Belinda it helps to talk about stuff, I am lucky to have a supportive Wuhan. N.M

I came into the programme without knowing what to expect.  I have received significant amounts of support and understanding from Belinda.  During the course I have learned about assertive communication.  Te Whare Tapa Wha(self-care),8 Step problem solving process, Self control Stopp.  These are valuable skills that can be used beneficially in all aspects of life.  It was an unfortunate incident that;led me to the programme, but it is extremely fortunate that I have been given the opportunity to join the porogramme and get to now Belinda.  I would highly recommend the programme to anyone.   B.L

I came into the course with a open mind and this course was amazing, it helped me out hugely and has taught me ways and techniques to help with my anger problems and also ways to manage myself when I am in a anger filled situation.  This course was well worth it but if you think you can half arse it then keep walking cause its a full on great course which you need to put 100% into to get the fullest out of the course.  I will be recommending this course to family and friends that I feel or see that are having trouble with their anger skills.  W.C.

Finished in June one on ones:

I found the course really helpful with my anger in school and at home.  The one on one was weird at the start but I found it more easier as time got on.  This course helped me alot with school and at home.                 T.A

I enjoyed attending the weekly one on one sessions with Belinda.  Each week I learned something new and found a way to use what I learned to avoid conflict.  Before I attended the first session I went about solving an argument or a problem passively and then aggressive I now know to communicate with assertiveness and each time has been more peaceful.          L.R

Anger Management group session - Feb-May 12 weeks

this course and the delivery of t has been greatly beneficial for me.  I feel alot more confident to be able to make better decisions in the future.  When it comes to controlling my myself, and not reacting negativity to aggression and anger from other people.  I have a lot more self awareness and now realize the parts iv'e played in my conflict.  TN

Above & beyond my expectations definitely worth the leap to ask for help and complete the programme.         N.W

Great course very helpful information given out great discussion within the group, got alot from it     J.C

I stumbles across this program online, I am so glad that I did!  I have more than halved my outbursts and manage to communicate more effectively in times of unavoidable conflict.  My partner and I are much more happier, less snippy and are enjoying a more loving family/home environment.   KLB

One on one's finish March

I have completed the PCP programme.  When I first came onto the programme I was weary and very unsure.  During my journey I have not only learnt alot but I have also realized that the more you open up and seek help and advice, the further it will take you!  I don't not at all recommend any changes etc for this programme, I loved working with Belinda, shes very strait forward, has a beautiful heart, understanding and caring, she has a passion to help people and I would recommend Positive changes to anyone looking for help.  Thank you so much you are absolutely amazing     R.C

Belinda was friendly and respectful in her manner and overall approach, also very accommodating/flexible to the individual needs of my son.  The course content was well developed and effective at informing and empowering positive changes in our lives.  Aroha Nu, thank you so much, we really needed this help.   S.S.   12yrs old

Group Sept - Dec  2018

It was so worth the 12 weeks agony! Belinda is a very kind respectful and straight forward facilitator.  I have learnt so much in this programme that I now try to use to the best of my abilities everyday.  thank you for taking the time to come to us.  I mostly loved assertive communication which I work on everyday.  K.W

I loved this programme and the tutor, I really looked forward to Mondays shes a roar, I liked learning mostly how to talk to people nicer how to communicate without sounding angry, and I liked just coming and talking things through that helps to         U.H

I really thought the programme was very well worth it, it made me more mindful of what we went over.  I would recommend it to other people that will do it    V.B

One on One's May -September,October,November 2018

I have enjoyed doing the anger management programme it has helped me know how to control my anger when I get mad I have really enjoyed the teacher as she really out there and makes the programme really fun.  Thank You   D.G

I learnt to deal with anger, being assertive (Im Ok your Ok) Bda, Stopp, and the Te Whare Tapa Wha (mind,body,spirit,family) thinking with your mind not emotional mind.  I really enjoyed the sessions.   T.H

To begin with I was in denial that I needed to do an anger management course however in the 10 weeks I have realized that nobody is perfect and have learnt so much eg How to go about things and control my self/self care.  I so appreciate on how much ive been able to change thanks to Belinda.  I.L

I very much liked this course and would highly recommend this to anyone.  This course was good course it showed how and what to do in a matter that might get out of hand around anger.    G.S.

I found this programme real helpful its given me alot of good strategies to deal with my anger and I appreciate how much Belinda's helped me!

I like working out how to control my anger and I liked working with Belinda, she helped me controlling my anger and I have learnt how to calm myself down.    15yrs

I enjoyed it because I actually had the chance to speak up about everything and it was solid as doing these sessions with Belinda.  14 yrs

I found this programme real helpful its given me a lot of good strategies to deal with my anger, and I appreciate how Belinda's helped me out.   16  J.P