12 week duration, 2hr session, Thursdays 5.30-7.00pm
mixed genders, ages 18 yrs up, 12-18 yrs  (youth services) we recommend one on one sessions

total course cost: Adults: $550

ring for a interview

7 Strategies Learnt from this programme, workbook provided.

Structure of programme:

  1. Session 1 : What is Anger?
  2. Session 2: Anger and How it Manifests
  3. Session 3: ABC Advantages and Dis advantages of Anger
  4. Session 4: Being Assertive
  5. Session 5: Before, during and After Anger
  6. Session 6: Random Anger
  7. Session 7: Keeping your House in Order
  8. Session 8: Problem Solving Strategies
  9. Session 9: Self Control Strategies
  10. Session 10: Intimate Partner Abuse, Domestic Violence, Family Violence
  11. Session 11: Powerful Parenting
  12. Session 12: Safety Planning and Closure of Group

Theories used when designing the programme:

  • Solution Focused
  • Strengths based Motivation Interviewing
  • Cognitive behaviour Theory/Therapy
  • Te Whare Tapa Wha Model (Mason Durie)


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