Conflict Resolution Weekend Workshop

1 day Workshop


Workshops cover:

self esteem, communication skills, co-operation, conflict resolution skills, community building trust, assertive communication, self care, concentric circles violence to non-violence, relationships, self talk, transforming power wheel

Our workshops are with 3  trained facilitators.

We provide a professional, safe learning environment.

Our workshops are open to anyone who is wanting to make positive changes around Dealing with Conflict in their lives. We welcome referrals.

Cost: $65 single, $110 couple

Certificate on completion of Day



The key features of  workshops are

  • Teamwork – there is always a team of several facilitators of diverse background and life experience, with shared leadership and no guru
  • Diversity – the participants come from a range of ages, cultures, walks of life, and interests, and bring a wealth of life experience to the workshop.
  • A safe learning environment is maintained by group agreement:-
  • no put-downs
  • affirm oneself and others
  • listen and don’t interrupt
  • respect confidentiality
  • volunteer oneself only, speak from the “I”
  • Reliance on Transforming Power
  • Experiential rather than conceptual focus
  • A holistic focus, recognising the spiritual dimension of the person, rather than a behavioristic or rigidly rule-governed focus
  • Building community is an integral part of the workshop process
  • Fun and laughter is an integral part of the workshop process
  • A varied pace, generally brisk, but with time for reflection.

Image result for alternative to violence project                        TRANSFORMING POWER WHEEL





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